• Kits News - 11th December 2020

  • The Kits had a fabulous last week of term this week. They performed amazingly well in their Christmas Concert on Tuesday and we were all extremely proud of their achievement. It was so lovely that so many of the parents and carers could come to watch and we were very excited that we were allowed to give a live performance.

  • We have been busy taking part in lots of Christmas activities throughout the week including sticking stickers on the 2D and 3D Christmas trees and playing with the Christmas themed ‘Loose Parts’. Now all our Christmas art has finished we have also explored some new art and mark-making activities. The children painted with watercolours, made collages with DT materials and developed their gross motor skills by drawing on the floor.

    They particularly liked driving the plastic cars through the shaving foam, driving them around the table observing the marks that they left. They explored the foam further with their hands, rubbing them on the table and commenting on the shaving foam’s texture and smell. We have developed our fine motor skills and hand strength by creating with the playdough and kinetic sand this week. The children have rolled and squeezed the dough and sand and used a variety of tools such as knives, rolling pins and cutters to mould and shape them into all sorts of different objects including cakes, meatballs and pancakes!

  • The highlight of the week was definitely our Christmas Party on Friday where we danced to party music, ate some party snacks and played lots of party games. The children were all very excited to take their ‘Christmas Bags of Goodies’ home that they had spent so long carefully preparing for their families!

    We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing all the children again in January.